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Fancy having a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion closet? Staiy is your online marketplace for Sustainable Fashion and Eco-friendly Lifestyles.

For every standard product, we offer many organic products with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal of approval, which guarantees fair trade and no use of chemicals in production. After the careful brand evaluation process, at Staiy, we select eco-friendly and organic brands that deliver value and comfort to our customers. We have everything from clothing to accessories, home decor to self-care. Staiy offers sustainable products such as handmade and crafted lamps, cups made from natural and plastic-free materials, eco-friendly vase carafes, and ethically produced shelves. Sustainability is at its peak with eco-fashion, vegan clothing and fair consumption. In our sustainable online store, you will find your fashionable and sustainable organic fashion wear style. Your vegan go-to store online.Vegan is the new cool, and we certainly have it. Trendsetters have made their mark and pointed out healthy and sustainable fashion. If you wish to support eco-fashion, organic style, and vegan products, Staiy got you covered. Conscious efforts to create an animal cruelty-free fashion are promoted every day at Staiy. Our vegan products encourage the vegan lifestyle. With us, there are endless choices for sustainability. We have handcrafted products such as handbags, clutch wallets, cork bags, mini bags and more. Innovative vegan products like hairbrushes, shoe-care sets, soaps, and clothing are a catch at Staiy.

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Your organic online store for self-care

Sustainability is a choice, and we choose to deliver the best. Self-care is often overlooked, but not anymore. Staiy offers a beautiful selection of organic products to help you rejuvenate your cheerful self. Organic products that provide nourishment and care, such as shampoo bars, hair conditioners and hand creams, are a match for beauty. Staiy offers natural products such as scented candles, lip balms, and bio-oils that are revitalising.

Nourishment and care: Shampoo bars | Hair conditioners | Hand creams | Lip balms | Bio-oil | Scented candles

Styling with sustainable fashion online. Staiy has a variety of organic products, such as vegan, eco and sustainable fashion wear. At Staiy, fashion is accessible to everyone. Organic clothing contains plastic-free, chemical-free organic materials. One of them is often organic cotton. This sustainable alternative has many advantages since it is grown without pesticides, saves energy and water, and is produced fairly. Organic clothing usually also consists of wool with eco clothing. Staiy offers recycled polyester products along with vegan products after careful brand evaluation. So that you can recognize fair fashion as such, many of our products are certified. One of the best-known textile certificates is the GOTS textile seal. It guarantees fair trade throughout all production stages and covers the (non-)use of chemicals in production. As an online fashion store, we have a wide selection of recycled and upcycled clothing.

Eco Fashion and Eco Products: Eco Fashion | Eco Clothing | Eco Shoes | Eco Scarf| Eco Lingerie | Eco Swimwear

Everything is OEKO-TEX certified for babies and kids.OEKO-TEX is an internationally uniform and independent testing and certification system for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in the textile industry at every processing level and accessory materials used. The verification criteria and limit values are far more demanding than nationally and internationally valid parameters. Eco-fashion for the little ones is, of course, also available. In producing organic boys' and girls' fashion and cuddly baby blankets, natural dyes and processes are used, and toxic substances are avoided.

Natural products and eco fashion for babies: Bodysuits | Jeans | T-shirts | Baby hoodie | Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Bag | Shorts