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Through the products we feature, the brands we partner with, the projects we invest in and the values we support, we aim at revolutionalizing the fashion ecosystem for a better future.

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Curating an eclectic mix of high quality, sustainable products, spanning fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, homeware and art, we always strive to enlarge our selection to give you the power to choose sustainable.

Our community regroups sustainable brands, designers, artists, experts, influencers and consumers who all strive for the same goal: creating a sustainable culture. Together, we aim to create a flow of knowledge and expertise to educate, inspire and empower one another.

Our Story

It all started in Berlin, with a group of friends, a fascination for sustainable lifestyle, and the urge for creation. Staiy was born to give a voice to all these emerging brands from which it got its inspiration, the ones that are striving to work towards building a better tomorrow.

Our Magazine, Staiy Edit

Complementing our product selling, Staiy Edit is our educational and cultural hub. From fashion editorials to cover stories to sustainability news, our magazine serves as a place of exchange for knowledge, inspiration and awareness.

Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin

Our Concept Store

Our concept store is a collaborative space between Staiy and the eco-conscious accessories label, ZAMT. A place where sustainability, fashion and culture meet to offer you a unique shopping experience.

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