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Sea salt scrub - wild rose - 420 g

€ 36,95
Sustainability impact points
Water is one of the key elements to life. Its cycle determines entire ecosystems’ equilibrium, access to it signifies survival. Earth’s freshwater supply only represents 1% of the total water in the globe. The fashion industry is strongly dependent on water, from harvesting to dyeing and washing. It is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.Read more
The earth is surrounded by air, a mixture of extremely important gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Air is fundamental to living beings: a person takes about 11,000 liters of air a day. The air we breathe, though, is polluted: the levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide, the most dangerous and prevalent greenhouse gas) are at the highest ever recorded. One of the most significant consequences is on climate change, particularly global warming and its effects.Read more
Materials are the tangible touchpoint between the brand and the final customer. They play a key role in determining the quality, looks and durability of a clothing item, as well as the satisfaction of the end customer. The textiles that are in touch with our skin on a daily basis all have different characteristics, yet their footprint is not visible to the client. From the usage of the chemicals to how much water it took to grow, wash and dye, every step in the choice of materials has an impact.Read more
Work is at the root of the social structure, and represents the means for humans to satisfy basic needs such as food and shelter. Under the proper work conditions, populations can gain independence and empowerment, access to resources and wealth, develop and thrive.Read more
Good is contagious. Supporting major causes with a higher goal is a beneficial experience. When we are able to give to others, not only we do spread good: we open doors to opportunities, education, resources, independence, innovation and growth. This is key to lead the change for a better future.Read more
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