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About Pat Guzik

PAT GUZIK is a Polish based designer who combines inspiration from high fashion, Slavic and Asian cultures to create her unique streetwear brand. In collaboration with Polish illustrator Mateusz Kołek, she creates a labyrinth of symbols that form the prints, patterns and embroidery throughout her collection. Pat designs, constructs and produces garments locally; using textiles by Polish manufacturers, in collaboration with local producers. Efcient use of materials and the elimination of textile waste is a theme throughout her collectons. The RELOVE line is made of second hand clothing, stock textiles and production leftovers. She believes in engaging everyone to join forces in making fashion industry less harmful, and invites you to send your unwanted garments back to form future collections. Pat Guzik is a vegan and certified fur free retailer, and partners with Polish NGO Otwarte Klatki to fight for animals rights and against fur farms. Based in Krakow.Made in Poland