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JENNY Hidden lace combat boot on full grain vegan leather breathable & water-resistant

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We know water to be a fundamental resource in our ecosystems. However, its use in production is mostly invisible, both in the product and to the consumer. Scoring high under this pillar means having suitable water management, monitoring and recycling practices in place. We assess brands accordingly.Find out more here.
Pollution in the air is not always visible to the eye. However, we know levels of CO2 to be the highest in history, fundamentally contributing to climate change. To allow ourselves to see through the air that we breathe, brands scoring highly under this pillar commit to the use of renewable energy sources, the application of innovative energy consumption mechanisms and the participation in carbon off-setting initiatives.Find out more here.
Materials are the touchpoint between the brand and the customer. They play a key role in determining the quality, look and durability of an item. However, the production of materials impacts the environment in unprecedented ways: from the sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing to material waste. We assess the ways in which our brands respond to these critical aspects. If the response is good, we give brands maximum impacts points.Find out more here.
Work is fundamental to our society. As a precious asset however, it can become a target of exploitation. We understand that ethical production equates to sustainable production. To combine these two crucial aspects, we assess brands in terms of their capacity to safeguard working conditions and in turn, protect their workers.Find out more here.
Good is contagious. When you commit to a good cause, you allow for its message to spread faster and stronger. The more motivated you are, the more others will follow. This is why we examine our brands in terms of their commitment to practice and spread such ‘good’.Find out more here.
Both upper and lining are breathable & 100% recyclable microfibers made, averting foot’s sweating and suffocation, and the upper material is highly resistant to water making this model perfect for any season. Moreover its upper, lining and sock are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified (free from environmental toxic potentially dangerous for our organism), also an eco-friendly and innovative material, manufactured in a system free of CO2 emissions, no waste of water nor energy.

In addition to being hypoallergenic (that allows for people with special sensitive skin) they are also antibacterial, antimicrobial, and wet-absorbing which helps prevent the development of odours.

Also has a soft, supple and breathable ergonomic footbed made of cardboard EVA padded and microfiber lined, which provides arch support. This reaches much more stability, adapting to the foot without losing its original form. And this coupled to the lining features, turns out very flexible and avoid blisters.
NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation. The future of footwear lies in the heart of this brand’s philosophy. Capturing the essence of authentic Portuguese style and quality, NAE designs and creates shoes and accessories that embody love and respect for humans and other animals. Manufactured in local certified factories, it offers an array of shoes from sliders and sandals to boots and sneakers, with each collection available in a selection of their eco-conscious materials, such as Piñatex which is made from pineapple leaves. NAE gives you the opportunity to adopt a vegan lifestyle while looking fantastic.
Shop Online Jenny, the modern women's mid-calf/ankle boots on hidden lace-up, with a biker-combat look coupled with a confidence smooth touch, made with vegan leather, a sustainable, cruelty-free, water resistant, lightweight and durable material.

These stylish boots shows a smart & elegant design on full grain black-dull vegan leather, sleek and solid, monochromatic and confident, with a zip-up side that divides-unites and stitches the quarter and the vamp one each other. The well-rounded upper have also a cap-toe sewn and toe box with overlap facelay stitched, sewn up in black along the facing shaft and let two divided tiny flaps semi-closed, that gathers to the throat where is ranged by adjustable hidden laces.

Its lasting make up and comfort round shape, simplicity in a suit outcome, makes them easy to match with several semi-formal dress attire or suit dress and skirt and casual wear (to complement your look for work or business office occasions, even all-night long party/cocktail), and comfortable for all-time wear, for day & night use, outdoor & inward, offering all-in-one the perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

Also has a block type heel dropped with a shank to the slightly arched sole, both lugged & slip-resistant, made with lightweight thermoplastic gum rubber that gives a 2 cm / 0.8 height inches of thermal insulating comfort. And all surrounded by a welt stitching reinforcement that keeps lasting cast. This low arch makes them more comfortable than a simple fully flat, giving them a few more support the foot's arch.

They are closed with a black zip on the side that allows easy fastens, and also black and round-shape laces made of cotton with recycled polyester filling for better holding and greater grip, and with also a back-strip of 1,8 cm/0.7 in where you can pass the laces surrounding the whole calf and get yet better wrap fixing on the firmed ankle.

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“Very cool platform for sustainable fashion. I was looking for some activewear for my friend and immediately found the right sustainable item. I even managed to see why the article is actually sustainable! Very transparent and fast in shipping. I can only recommend it :)”
[Johannes Pears, Germany]

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