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FASHION AS A POLITICAL CHOICE Fashion and politics? For sure! Fashion means consumption and consumption means production. Production means far, far away, and unfortunately that means, that we never really know what’s going on. Out of sight, out of mind. We don’t know, we don’t ask, we don’t care. This often results in: low standards, and low working conditions. But we have to care! We’ve built the end of the production chain, upon a throne of privilege, because we were lucky enough to be born here. We have the money and the know-how, the force. We can make other people do the uncomfortable part, just because that’s the way it’s always worked. It’s a political choice to keep on supporting this kind of system, and it is a political choice to not do as well, and to look the matter in the eyes and declare: I am one of the lucky humans. I have these priviledges. I am free to decide where and what to buy. And now I decide to buy less, and to care where it comes from. And when many people act the way I do, then things will finally change. Our political choice is to use our priviledge wisely.

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