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About Exprimerete

Exprimere __te from Latin express yourself, is a clothes brand created for those who value beauty and individual style. For those who perceive the current climate threat, for those who are aware of the destructive impact on the environment of the so-called fast fashion. For those for whom clothes do not play a useful role but are a carrier of value, a work of art. Exprimere __te clothes are distinguished by a hand-painted artistic theme and a mulberry finish inspired by Japanese sashiko i boro embroidery technique. Bearing in mind ecology, care for planet and sustainable development, the collection is mostly based on vintage items. The brand was created by costume designer Izabela Wasilewska, an art lover, aesthetics, who is in love in the interwar period, keeping in mind the good of our planet, wanting to change the apathetic picture of the fashion industry.