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About C A P L D N

Born in London, Sept 2015 and currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia. CAPLDN is a transeuropean brand founded on the ethos of sustainable, ethical apparel. Contributing to the fight against fast fashion, CAPLDN’s mission is to do good whilst outputting creative that makes others look good. All whilst ideally having some fun and making a living.  Launching with a series of male and female geometry inspired illustrated tees. The inaugural campaign set the precedent for CAPLDN’s productions using 100% organic cottons, solvent free water based inks and climate neutral manufacturing methods.    As brand momentum developed focus shifted more to small batch female garment creative. Adhering to GOTS certifications, CAPLDN champions development of limited edition campaigns eliminating waste and creating bespoke inventory that reflects the roots of the brands English Croatian heritage.    Be it from the UK or Croatian studio, CAPLDN’s ability to stay agile, unique and true to ethos is fundamental to the brands continued ability to weave magic and stitch goodness. All made to order garments are commissioned with the customer in mind. Production timelines and creative schedules are communicated from the outset with updates and final delivery details forming part of the collaborative development process.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect if you like the sound of CAPDLN and would like to find out more.