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Sports Bra from ECONYL® - The True Balance Bra

€ 55,00
Supportive for high and low impact workouts, our sports bra has superpowers. Whether you’re practicing yoga, jogging or even swimming - its soft and breathable material dries very quickly and prevents unpleasant odours. Even better, it’s made from abandoned nylon fishing nets, meaning no new synthetics are created. Matching the yoga lifestyle, the material features high stretch and flexibility. The extra kick of comfort is provided by the double-layer front, lined with soft TENCEL™ and an integrated pocket.
Pair it with our Consciously Good leggings to cut an excellent figure on and off the yoga mat, or under the Make It Last T-shirt for those days when you need a smooth transition from leisure to office.

Double-layer front for excellent support
Reinforced, durable seams Lined with soft TENCEL™ mesh
Recycled ECONYL® nylon fiber - particularly long-lasting, pleasantly soft and breathable

ECONYL® stands for a perfect cycle that converts nylon waste from the ocean into new products - the magic of sustainability! The regeneration system from ECONYL® is a unique and sustainable way to create products from waste in a continuous loop, that can be repeated endlessly without loss of quality. The result is a fibre that is made from 100% recycled textile yarn. By becoming part of the sustainable ECONYL® cycle, Besonnen has lowered its carbon footprint by up to 80%.