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About Achiy

ACHIY – 100% naturalness, 100% indigenous Peruvian alpaca designs, 100% fair Our Mission & Values You won’t find any industrial machinery here. Our producers are not unknown grey figures who are exploited for a pittance. We stand for the opposite. For us, our knitters are artists. We consider each of our designs to be a work of art that is shaped by the lives, traditions and spirituality of our partners. So, it is simply a matter of course for us that we produce 100% in the country of origin. As we are guided by traditional production methods of indigenous people, all our pieces are carefully handmade. In the best possible harmony with nature, we create limited collections with sense, which offer an absolutely suitable answer to the fast fashion industry. Humanity No unfair working conditions and exploitative contracts. No anonymity. Simply respectful and fair cooperation. Partnerships at eye level – that is what we stand for. The lives of the people in our production countries are our inspiration. Together we celebrate successes as well as failures on our journey to make the fashion world more sustainable. Naturalness The fashion industry often overlooks the unique materials Mother Nature gives us and chooses cheap and synthetic alternatives. We think it is time to change this. We use only natural materials and follow resource-saving traditional manufacturing techniques. Honesty For us, transparency equals honesty. We show you the life and stories behind our products – unfiltered and real. Our goal is to bring back the lost appreciation for textiles to promote a more conscious consumption in our fast-moving world.