Simply sustainable is the new beautiful with Fejn and Lagom Studios

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3 october  '22

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Beauty has several definitions and no boundaries in terms of consumption. Rejuvenate your fashion self and musk your presence into the luxurious lifestyle with Dagmar Kraemer, the founder of Fejn jewelry and Clara Neunzig, the founder of Lagom studios.

Words by Shruti Gadkari

Discover Lagom Studios, a conscious brands that makes candles and fragrances.

Awareness of sustainable products and conscious consumption is a must-need approach to this society. Eager to enjoy sustainable fashion and lifestyle? Walk through the captivating stories of Fejn and Lagom Studios, which share their love for sustainability and they are brands that value nature and produce fashionable yet sustainable products.

Fabulous at Fejn

The Cologne-based brand defines clear and pure design—made for city nomads and urban heroines. Fejn stands for puristic jewelry with a timeless and modern style. The founder Dagmar Kraemer and her team love reduced designs and clean looks. They implement the highest standards in clear lines and precious materials. On top of it, all Fejn pieces are handcrafted and unique.

“Since I was younger, I admired Jil Sander – the “queen of less” and her minimalistic style. I also got a Jil Sander Blazer for my 18th birthday from my parents. So speaking about a muse, the answer to my inspiration would always be “Jil Sander”. I constantly try to be minimalistic and “less” like she was in her designs.” - Dagmar Kraemer

Discover Fejn Jewlery, a conscious brand that produces simple, sutainable, high quality jewelry.

Beauty behind the scenes

Dagmar Kraemer shares that all the designs are minimalistic and puristic but undoubtedly unique: they are “sustainable jewelry and accessories that can be worn every day with a clear conscience”. This was the vision of Dagmar Kraemer, who, after years of experience in the fashion and jewelry industry, started her own business with her label Fejn in 2019. For her minimalist jewelry, she uses only high-quality recycled 925 sterling silver, some of which have been 24-karat gold-plated and recycled 14-karat solid gold and fairly sourced gemstones. The precious metals are recovered and processed from old jewelry or industrial use and therefore do not have to be newly extracted from mines.

Just as there’s an approach to simple yet classy, fashion has spread the hands of fair consumption with the sustainable world. Sustainability is a much-valued aspect today, and the brand ensures they accomplish its modest goals. The label also works closely with a small manufacturer in Thailand to create the pieces. Fejn sketched some of the beautiful narrow necklaces, fine rings and filigree stud earrings. These puristic pieces of happiness blend with an evening dress or jeans and signify longevity and timelessness.

Discover Fejn Jewlery, a conscious brand that produces simple, sutainable, high quality jewelry.

The conscious approach

One of the central values that Fejn implements is an excellent consumer approach. The team puts every item from the orders together in a jewelry box as necessary based on the product’s safety. If still usable, the further usage of packaging from return shipments suffices as a cherry on top. Thanks to the discreet designs, fair prices and high-quality jewelry boxes, the sustainable Fejn pieces are also ideal for gifting as gifts with a clear conscience for various occasions. The special feature: not only the jewelry boxes and cards are made of plastic-free materials, Fejn also offers uniquely embroidered, reusable gift packaging made from recycled saris in the Japanese furoshiki style.

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The fragrances of Lagom Studios

Düsseldorf-based Clara Neunzig is an art enthusiast and proclaims a passion for interior decoration. The founder paves her way into lifestyle management by launching a luxury fragrance atelier with high-quality ingredients for vegan soy candles. [lá:gom] is a Swedish expression with no exact translation. The founder describes the Swedes’ philosophy of life as just right, not too much, not too little. Lagom is a permanent reminder to live life correctly and be content. As awareness is the key to any happy and fulfilling life, the brand has a round-shaped logo that symbolizes unity, the absolute, for perfection, which, according to Lagom, is just right. The logo should already embody the philosophy of life. LAGOM is "well-rounded". In addition, it is reminiscent of a wax seal and thus radiates quality and value.

Discover Lagom Studios, a conscious brands that makes candles and fragrances.

“Scent is life - that’s where we start.”- Clara Neunzig

Well, who doesn’t love good fragrances, and what do fragrances do to us? Fragrances can have a positive effect on our mood and well-being. Keeping this in mind, the brand appreciates a nice touch of cozy balance to fast-paced, energy consuming life by creating ambrosial scented candles. These are perfect in every way for a long and relaxing at-home spa bath to retain your cheerful self and relinquish the boring day at work.

Designing is an art, and Scandinavian design is a constant companion in the life of founder Clara Neunzig. Enthusiastic about the simplicity, minimalism, and timelessness of Scandinavian furnishings or fashion, a wonderful source of inspiration for product development at Lagom Studios. Japanese influences, such as the Wabi Sabi trend, also impact the founder. She appreciates the simplicity of beautiful things, modesty and especially that “perfection” is not the goal. Clara is particularly impressed by the natural influences such as rattan, ceramics, natural wood or stones as accessories or part of the interior design. In her words, “This is how nature can be easily integrated at home. It slows things down and brings a wonderful sense of calm to everyday life.”

Discover Lagom Studios, a conscious brands that makes candles and fragrances.

Starway to success

The brand combines high quality with luxury and the approach of conscious consumption. Value mindfulness and want consumers to understand that happiness is a matter of attitude. “We don’t need countless clothes, vases, cars or other things to be happy. Sure, many things are essential to survival, like clothing in general, a flat, and food, but our society is full of abundance. If we understand that it is not the number of things that makes happiness, then we have gained a lot”, says the founder. The brand voices that it is the answer to a hectic, fast-paced world and dissatisfaction with the status quo. It is also the answer to the demand for ever faster, ever higher and ever further because Lagom is simple.

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As it demands balance in all areas of life, the idea behind Fejn and Lagom Studios is that simplicity is just as beautiful and elegant as anything else. The brands approach a different lifestyle and encourage sustainable fashion and lifestyle. It is a stairway to fair consumption in times of diminishing resources. Therefore, this life principle is extraordinarily sustainable and can be used comprehensively.