NINA REIN and Brava Fabrics: your next autumn feelings

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26 september  '22

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Autumn is coming: get to know your next favorite conscious outfits from NINA REIN and Brava Fabrics!

Words by Bilgesu Altunkan

Ethical production and conscious consumption issues are almost impossible to fall off the agenda because systemic transformation is a must. Today, we need to change our shopping habits not only to purchase but also to need-based purchasing. On the other hand, it is a crucial question mark what kind of brands we should find in these times of need. Let's look at the story of NINA REIN and Brava Fabrics, their sustainability journey, and products together as the fall begins, back to the office and school.


Berlin-based NINA REIN was founded by Julia Ickert & Susanne Kinast. Two strong women describe the brand; "NINA REIN stands for sustainable business wear for women - from women”. They work with excellent designs and high-quality materials without harming the environment. The collections have minimal, clean cuts and forms but expressive colors. The production takes place in Europe, and independent sewists sew all garments. The brand, which draws its strength from women, explains how it empowers women as inspiration and support: “From the beginning, it was clear that we wanted to make clothing that empowers women [...]. We wanted to create outfits that make (business) life for women easier. Long-lasting, classic, elegant, cool styles. Once dressed in NINA REIN we want them to concentrate on their life, not the outfit. So, we started with business wear, including suits, shirts, and dresses, and evolved to a more casual style, but we are still absolutely suitable for business."

According to the founders of Nina Rein, the owners of the designs that received the 2021 Vegan Fashion Award by PETA, the essential factor that makes the brand different is their clothes are made from natural, compostable fabrics. The raw materials are grown without harmful substances. This eco-friendly approach makes a difference for the environment and the people. Not only the ones who come in contact with the materials in the manufacturing process but also the customers who wear the clothes and get in touch with all sorts of chemical substances through their skin. They follow a holistic, sustainable approach, including short transport routes, CO2-saving transport, living wages, and responsibility for our production. They appreciate their high-quality artistry and classic clean design; their clothes last a long time and are comfortable. NINA REIN has so much sustainability, but they're thankful for their excellent design; you would never expect that.

Brava Fabrics

The Barcelona-based Brava Fabrics has made sustainability a goal and journey in the fashion market, rethinking existing concepts in the fashion industry by creating timeless clothing in the best possible way: local, fair, and eco. The founder of Brand, Ivan Monells, said: "That's why we only source sustainable fibers and work closely with our factories in Portugal to ensure safe and fair working conditions for the people who bring our ideas to life”. As they claim, Brava is a place to find our creative side, underline, and maybe even rediscover our personality. As an open-minded, curious brand, “we want to treat the planet with the highest sense of responsibility and ensure that each design brings joy to our customers and is also made in harmony with people and the planet."

In addition, the impact is significant for Brava Fabrics, both environmentally and socially. That's why they care about their impact on production from top to bottom. With the utmost dedication and care, each of our garments is designed for long life, using high-quality and eco-friendly materials such as ECOVERO™ viscose, organic cotton, or recycled wool. Even the yarn is organic, and the buttons are made of natural corozo extracted from the nut of the tagua tree. The packaging is also wholly plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and reusable. “Every season we embark on a journey to find even more eco-friendly alternatives to create garments that check off all the boxes: fair, sustainable & locally made”, says the team. 

A closer look

Nina Rein and Brava Fabrics care about their impact, design, and people, both the customers and the entire supply chain. Certified production and materials are significant areas for both brands. Both brands thought about changing the existing fashion system and how they could offer better quality and long-lasting products to people.

Let's take a look at their amazing products for the autumn season!

Brava Fabrics proposes to us a comfy yet elegant corduroy dress in in-depth forest green is a real all-rounder: you can wear this office, outside, or inside. It’s a perfect fit for everywhere and every situation and it’s made from pure organic cotton and ethically crafted in Portugal.

NINA REIN shows all its versatility with this dress in oil green, one of the most popular colors of the season. While we can have a more elegant look with a belt and high-heeled shoes, we can also get a more sporty look with no belt and sneakers. 

Embrace a relaxing and tasteful essential for your winter wardrobe with this oversized pant from Brava Fabrics, which offers you the pleasure of a good basic without losing its essence. It’s easy to combine, comfy, stylish, and perfect for every body type.

Did you know that these pants from NINA REIN are vegan? If you are looking for a stylish and sustainable alternative to these vegan-certified trousers, Lyocell can be your choice. Furthermore, they are on-demand! 

At the end of the day, our choices will somehow change the world, for example, to buy or not to buy. If you have decided to buy, make good use of this decision process. And when you really need it, buy one that is durable and manufactured with both ethical and environmental impact in mind.

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