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For the gentle care of the whole family

  • 1x Apricot kernel oil organic 100ml
  • 1x Lavender fine organic 5ml
  • 1x massage brush made of oiled beech wood with white goat hair
  • 1x premium cloth carrier bag made of organic cotton

This exclusive set is rounded off by a natural wooden box with sliding lid, filled with wood wool.

About the set

The gentlest of our sets is great for the whole family- from baby skin to sensitive to mature skin. Sweet apricot kernel oil and natural lavender oil are classic oils that are very popular in baby and child care, but are also extremely enriching for all other family members.

Apricot kernel oil cares for and nourishes the skin, penetrates very well and is absolutely compatible- even for the most sensitive among us ?.

The healing properties of lavender are so varied that there are already several books about it. Combined with a cotton sachet and healing wool, the "Gentle Care Set" is a perfectly rounded gift for your loved ones or simply for yourself!

The products

FLORIA Apricot Kernel Oil organic. Apricot kernel oil is made from the kernels of ripe apricots. Apricot kernels contain a high amount of essential unsaturated fatty acids, which have many positive effects on our health. The oil has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years.

FLORIA Lavender fine organic

The healing properties of lavender are so diverse that there are already several books about it. In natural cosmetics, it is highly valued for its balancing, circulation-enhancing effect on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It promotes the formation of new skin cells and thus serves as a natural skin rejuvenator. It is also a valued remedy to strengthen and protect the heart. Lavender oil is also a favorite oil of children. They love its scent and it can be an especially gentle remedy for them for many ailments, such as nervousness, tension, insomnia, growing pains, stomach aches, colds or school stress. The scent of lavender can stimulate and regenerate our nervous system, but also relax and calm. Lavender oil acts as it is needed at the moment: it balances. Thus, it can refresh in case of tiredness and relax in case of nervousness.

FLORIA massage brush made of oiled beech wood. These massage brushes have been drawn in a Berlin manufactory with hand drawing in white goat hair and light horsehair. The basic body is made of oiled beech wood and a leather handle for optimal grip. Due to the hand drawing and the use of natural materials, the brushes are very durable. The massage brush made of goat hair is particularly suitable for the sensitive skin of children and babies and is a very delicate flatterer for the massage of adults. Not suitable for use with water.

The massage brush made of light horsehair stimulates the body and the blood circulation of the skin. The fine horsehair leaves a fresh and invigorating feeling on the skin. This variant can be used with water. However, the brush should not be left in the water longer than necessary to ensure a long shelf life. Look forward to relaxing hours of care!

Gift options

Very gladly we pack the set as a gift. (adapted to the season). Please leave us a message with your order!

Of course it is also possible to send the wrapped gift directly to the recipient. Please simply specify a different delivery address!

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