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“The symbolism related to the snake is ambiguous. She is guardian and destroyer, light and dark, good and evil, all at once. Her poison can be fatal. […– and since] snakes cast their skin regularly, they are linked to resurrection and healing. […] In many cultures, snakes are believed to be skilful mediators between heaven, earth and the underworld.” *Just like the symbolism related to the snake, the YIN & YANG sign stands for opposing sides that complement each other and – only when in unity – become a complete whole. Double snake statement ring in 18k gold-plated brass set with two black Spinell & two white Topaz gemstones – or without gemstones. Also available in 18k plated rose gold as well as 925 silver. Stone size: 1,5mm Please note: This ring usually takes around 10-14 business days to be manufactued & shipped. *orig. In: Harrison/Regan/Southgate: Zeichen und Symbole. Ihre Geschichte und Bedeutung, 67. Be What You Are. Be Exceptional.
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