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Why should I use Detoxify? 

Detoxify is specifically designed to do both functions at once! (two products in one). It exfoliates our skin, eliminating all kinds of impurities and dead skin, while detoxifying and moisturizing, renewing the newest layer of healthy and soft skin.

Our exfoliating and brightening mask detoxify, thanks to its main component the active carbon, that come from Coco fibers, has the ability to «capture» free radicals in the skin. This free radicals cause premature aging and that prevent the premature cell aging, in addition to providing a more even tone.

What effects will I notice?

In the short term, it provides natural radiance to the skin and will feel much more hydrated, clean and with minimized pores. I will also have an immediate restorative effect on the skin.

Our exfoliating and brightening mask detoxify, gives long term benefits. The skin tone is more uniform, pores are minimized, and helps reduce the effects of contamination on the skin (fine wrinkles, spots).

What is it like to use it? (Feeling, texture, aroma)?

Exfoliating and brightening mask detoxify has a special texture brings a lot of nutrition and hydration into the skin. The texture is like a creamy balm texture. Detoxify is rich in oils that protect the delicate barrier of the skin and provide a great feeling of comfort and freshness, that bring immediate renewal.

The power of the activated carbon absorbs the residues and the free radicals (which inhibit the production of collagen) and make you instantly feel your skin renewed (you can feel a warmth sensation). When a little water is added and circular movements are made, exfoliation of bamboo and avocado dust is activated.

Our customers comment on the luminosity that leaves them on the skin and how you can see the change even after a single use. The perfect complement to give that boost of energy to our skin.


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