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Bogo celebrates Burkinabè textile craftsmanship with a fabric made from the land, rivers and sun of Mali, where artisans have never failed to hand from generation to generation their traditional technique.

The process includes a long preparation of the dye, created using clay, leaves and water. These fabrics were originally used by hunters for camouflage. According to a legend, a woman discovered these fabrics when accidently stained her clothes with the land and realized that the marks were indelible. 

The fabrics are hand painted with drawings and symbols of the local tradition. It is an ancient process back to the 12th century, using native, eco-sustainable and biocompatible materials and techniques.

Design: Bogo

Material: hand painted cotton

Composition: 100% cotton

Lining: 100% organic cotton

Fit: one size

Washing instructions: cold water handwash.

Any imperfections and differences derive from the cut and craftmanship that make the garment unique.



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