How we evaluate our brands

Our Brands Sustainability Evaluation

We perform an objective, fact-based evaluation of 124 questions, assessing the degree of sustainability shown by each brand.


Our evaluation method

This evaluation serves to provide an objective method to assess a brand’s sustainability commitment and practices, and invites the brand to reflect upon its strengths and weaknesses, encouraging improvement in regards to sustainable and ethical values, production and savoir-faire.


Under a questionnaire format, structured as open questions and multiple choice questions, Staiy’s brand evaluation is based upon Staiy’s 5 Pillars of Sustainability, which are the main areas of impact of the production process.

Aligned to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our evaluation asks brands to disclose operational information regarding the five areas of impact, as well as certifications when needed. This process determines a brand’s ecological and social footprint, relying on the brand’s transparency and honesty.

Our Areas of Impact

The areas of impact we evaluate in a brand’s production process are water consumption, air pollution prevention, materials innovation, working conditions and finally, the supply chain.

Certifications in Staiy Sustainability Evaluation

The Staiy Sustainability evaluation’s credibility strongly relies on asking brands for the most renowned sustainability international certificates, such as GOTS, GRS, ISO standards and Fair Wear Foundation, and well-known industry indexes, such as the Higg Index.