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Afora World - MORA Knit Hat Blue Night's

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Made from 100% organic cotton, a soft and skin-friendly material. Afora World uses high-quality fabrics made from natural raw materials and sources their cotton exclusively from the west region of Turkey.
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This knitted hat features a fisherman’s knit technique with a 3x3 ribbed brim. This beanie is made from chunky organic cotton and has tonal seams and stitches. The founder of the brand, Kristine, believes in craftsmanship and transparency. That's why they exclusively use ecologically produced materials for products, labels, and hangtags.

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“Very cool platform for sustainable fashion. I was looking for some activewear for my friend and immediately found the right sustainable item. I even managed to see why the article is actually sustainable! Very transparent and fast in shipping. I can only recommend it :)”
[Johannes Pears, Germany]

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