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You'll find everything you need to know about Staiy below, including information about returns and exchanges, in addition to how we select brands and our sustainability.

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What you can find on Staiy

In this section you can find general questions about the platform and other interesting topics to get to know us better.

What kind of items can I find on Staiy?

On Staiy, you can find a range of items from apparel and accessories to cosmetics and home decor. All brands that sell on our platform have been subjected to our sustainability surveys and interviews, with that information covered in detail in the Sustainability section of these FAQs.

Does Staiy sell any animal products?

In general, very few brands on Staiy still utilize materials like leather, but the sourcing and tanning of those materials are oftentimes either upcycled and/or recycled to prevent waste. The most common form is upcycled cow leather in some accessories, but please be cautious to read descriptions if you have a doubt. As we evaluate each brand on a case by case basis, we make sure to thoroughly review such sourcing and treatments to guarantee a maximum standard of ethics.

If descriptions aren’t clear or visible, send us an email at with your inquiry and we’ll take care of the information retrieval.

Regarding cosmetics and other self-care items, you can rest assured that animal testing is absolutely unacceptable on our platform. In fact, self-care and cosmetics brands are subject to an entirely different, but nevertheless scrupulous, sustainability evaluation wrt with respect to this element.

Can I buy second-hand on Staiy?

No, at the moment, on Staiy, it’s not possible to sell, buy, or trade second hand items.

However, stay tuned, because something may be coming in the future regarding this. Susbcribe to our newsletter below to stay updated.

Where are Staiy's partner brands from?

Our brands are primarily European, from all corners, ranging from Ukraine to Portugal, and from Sweden to Greece. Regarding brands from outside of Europe, they’re very few. If you’d like to know more about or suggest brands from other continents, we’d be happy to help. Email us at with your inquiry and we can take a look!

How can I confirm the integrity of your brands for myself?

Our brands are proudly sustainable and ethical, so if you’d like to do the research for yourself, you can easily find them online and read in depth on their websites to discover every single bit of detail on their stories, production practices, working conditions, and more.

Also, keep in mind, we do write articles about our brands and their backgrounds—curious to know more? You can find these articles on our blog here.

How do you select brands to sell on Staiy?

This topic is answered in depth in the sustainability section of the FAQs, but, in short:

After our market research to find brands suitable for our platform, we initiate the connection with sustainable brands by getting to know them further. This incldues a scrupulous step of surveys and interviews to guarantee, check, and confirm that a brand is aligned with our expectations (materials, working conditions, certifications, sourcing, practices, projects, and other elements).

What if I own/manage a brand, or know someone who does, that could sell on Staiy?

If you feel that a brand either in your name or another’s is up to the standards to sell on Staiy, you can email with a brief introductory statement of your brand, what is sold, and sustainability elements. From there, our sales team will see to further research, both sustainability-oriented and for a variety of other considerations, and will contact you if they see a perfect fit.

How do I know if an item is made to order?

Made to order items should be indicated in their descriptions. We kindly recommend all of our clients to read product descriptions carefully before making a purchase.

If you’re not sure about the made to order information provided, or if you have a question pertaining to wait-times, production methods, or any other doubt related to a made-to-order item, please email us at and we’ll take care of the rest.

What should I know about sizing guides?

We’re a platform with over 150 brands, and although sizing guides can be similar across some brands, we currently don’t have, and don’t expect to have, a unified sizing guide. Therefore, we kindly recommend to all clients to review sizing guides before purchasing to find the perfect fit in one-go.

That perfect fit also reduces the likelihood of a return, which in turn reduces pressure on the environment thanks to lesser emissions. A few minutes to take your measurements does an immeasurable amount of good. We appreciate it, as the planet surely does, too.

Does Stay have a physical store?

We do have a physical store in partnership with ZAMT at Tucholskystraße 48 in Berlin. Come stop by, and don’t forget to post about your experience! There’s a special surprise.

Keep in mind that the product selection in store is not identical to what is seen on our website.

Orders, Tracking, and Delivery

In this section, you'll be able to find all questions realted to an order already placed/to be placed.

Where is my order?

When our brands notify us of your order's shipment, our systems are updated with the tracking information of your order. Therefore, you should have received an email with that information.

In the even that you did not receive any updates on your order, or if you didn’t receive anything, or you just want to ask about the order’s status, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Where is my order (made-to-order items)?

Made to order items are subject to extended waiting periods for an eventual shipment to you. In these cases, you’ll need to refer to the product page of the item you purchased. From there, you can see the estimated waiting period between your order confirmation and a shipping notification when the item is finished and shipped.

If you’re still not sure or prefer to get a final answer from us, you’re invited to email us at and we’ll take care of the rest. In this case, allow for a few days for us to communicate with the brand regarding your order; in any case, we’ll get back to you with all updates available.

Keep in mind that, depending on sales volumes, some made to order brands may need to modify their waiting periods. In some cases, this can add a few days or a couple weeks. Regardless, if yours is involved, or if you’d like to inquire beforehand, feel free to email us at

Where can I find tracking information?

Tracking information should be emailed automatically to you once it is updated in our logistics system. You can also track your order via checking the status using the information in the confirmation email.

Didn’t receive a shipment confirmation email? Email us at with your order number and we’ll provide all tracking information and updates available to us in that point in time.

It turns out I may not be home for my delivery. Is it possible to defer/postpone the shipping date so it arrives when I’m home?

Absolutely. There are two options here:

If you’d like to request a postponed delivery prior to your purchase or before a shipping confirmation is sent to you, let us know by emailing us at with your order number and request (including the date you’d like the item(s) to ship). We’ll let the brand know and they’ll fulfill the order based on your preferences.

If you’d like to request a postponed delivery after having received a shipping confirmation (in other words: for an order already in transit), email us at with your order number and request. We’ll get in touch with the brand/courier to see what’s possible. We can’t guarantee a successful attempt to postpone a delivery, but we’ll do our best to get in touch before the courier arrives at your address.

How do I cancel/edit an order?

Email us at with your request and we’ll take care of the rest. For order edits, please state which items you’d like to switch out/cancel and we can try to get ahead of the shipment to grant the request.

I need to change the destination of my order/shipment, how do I fix that?

Email us at with the updated shipping address.

However, please keep in mind: we can only change shipping destinations up until the moment the package is dispatched. If you intently need to intercept the package and send it to another address, we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

Can I receive the order to a business address?

Absolutely. Just be sure to correctly indicate the address and company name and you should be good to go.

If I order from multiple brands, will I receive multiple packages?

Yes. Since we don’t have a central fulfillment location, and our brands fulfill each order individually, you’ll receive multiple packages from the number of brands you ordered from. We know this can be disheartening in sustainability terms, which is why you can find our projects to combat our emissions in our Sustainability Report (available in the coming weeks)!

If you ordered item(s) from our concept store in Berlin, then you’ll receive one package regardless of the number of brands involved.

Is it possible to collect an order at your Berlin store?

In some cases, it is possible to collect an order from our Berlin store, specifically if the items ordered are found there. In other cases, our Berlin store isn’t a point of pick up for any other items.

My order hasn’t arrived and a good amount of time has passed. What should I do?

If you feel a few too many days have passed waiting for your package, we kindly ask you to email us at and we’ll take care of the rest, getting back to you as soon as possible with an update.

Can I make special requests for my order?

Special requests (like giftwrapping, or other requests) are sometimes possible. Reach out to us at with your request and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we get an answer from the brand in question, we’ll get back to you with an answer. Keep in mind that, in many cases, special requests may not be accepted, but we’re happy to always try.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here, how can I contact you guys?

Email us at with your question and we’ll answer whatever doubts you have.


In this section, you'll find information related to anything and everything that is shipping.

What shipping carriers does Staiy work with?

Given that our partner brands organize their own shipping methods, we don’t have a defined set of logistic partners. However, there are the usual few that are typically used: DHL, DPD, and UPS. We should add that a lot of our brands have their own offsetting policies, so we don’t want to interfere with their already wonderful work!

Does Staiy have a central warehouse?

We don’t have a central warehouse, so every item or series of items you order will be sent directly from the fulfillment centers of the brand(s) you’ve ordered from.

How long should I expect for my order to arrive?

Most items ship within 1-2 business days, but, depending on the shipping method and distance, the wait for your delivery could vary, on average, between 2-3 days or a little over a week. Remember that expedited shipping often incurs higher emissions, so waiting a little more is one way to reduce our impact (or even to lesser the need for offsetting).

Do I have to pay for shipping?

As for the month of October, any shipping within Europe is free. However, for clients who are beyond the European Union, in almost all cases you’ll need to pay for shipping (if below €150 of order value). In those cases, an international option will be offered given the longer distance and higher prices, not including customs duties.

If I order from multiple brands, do I have to pay for multiple shipping charges?

No, ordering from multiple brands will not incur multiple shipping charges. If your order is not eligible for free shipping, you’ll only pay shipping once.

Can I make a special request for the delivery?

We can do our best to communicate a special request to the brand(s) you ordered from, though we cannot guarantee it. We suggest emailing us at prior to your order to confirm if the special request can be done. If you’ve already made your order, reach out to us anyway at as soon as possible so we can attempt to make the arrangements necessary before the items are shipped.

Returns and Exchanges

To make returns, use our return & exchange portal here to initiate the request. In any case, if you have doubts, feel free to reach out to us at

Are returns and exchanges free?

Yes, returns and exchanges are entirely free. Just make the request and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here's our portal link.

How do I initiate a return/exchange?

To initiate a return, simply go to our portal and insert your email and order number. From there, you can choose which items to return and/or exchange. You’ll receive an email when the request is approved, and we’ll likely reach out to you with the paid return labels, or asking for a preference. We take into consideration where you’re shipping from, as clients in larger cities can have easier access to some logistic partners, while others in more rural areas may have limited options. In any case, we try to make decisions to facilitate the process for you as much as we can.

How long do I have to make a return and/or exchange?

You have 30 days from the delivery of the item to your shipping address to initiate the return/exchange request. In some cases, some of our brands may require shorter periods for these requests. This is listed in product pages, but if you have any doubts, please reach out to us and we can clarify at

How do I ship the item(s) back?

There are two solutions: either you pay for shipping via a method of your choice, or we organize the label and/or pickup from your address with a method of our choice.

In both cases, Staiy covers the expenses as returns are free; however, if you ship via your own method, we just refund that expense externally to you upon receipt of proof of payment/shipment.

If I ordered from multiple brands, do I have to send multiple packages?

In almost all cases, yes, you will have to send multiple packages. Of course, as returns/exchanges are free, these expenses are covered by Staiy.

If I ordered from multiple brands, do I have to pay for multiple return shipping labels?

No, all return/exchange expenses are covered by Staiy, regardless of the quantity of packages to be sent.

Can I return made-to-order items?

It depends. Reach out to us at ideally prior to making a purchase to know your rights. However, these details are usually present on product pages of those made-to-order items. However, it’s best to be cautious: reach out to us just to be sure!

Can I exchange made-to-order items ?

It depends. Reach out to us at ideally prior to making a purchase to know your rights. Returns are one thing, but exchanges with made-to-order items can be lengthy and/or not possible in general. Please be sure to contact us before placing an order so we can eliminate any doubts and confusion.

Where can I find Staiy’s full return and exchange policy?

You can find our full return and exchange policy here. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the link in the footer of the site.

I’m not able to utilize your portal for my return and/or exchange, what should I do?

Reach out to us at with your order number to make a request or inquire about your access to the portal.

The return/exchange portal gives an error every time I attempt to make a return/exchange, what should I do?

It could be possible that the window period to return/exchange has expired. If you’re still not sure about this, reach out to us at with your order number and we can clarify the situation.

When will I receive my refund for my items?

Items in the return will be refunded only when the tracking of the package yields a ‘delivered’ result to the brand. You may receive separate refund notifications if you returned items from more than one brand as not all packages will arrive at the same moment to different brands. Depending on the shipment methods chosen, either by Staiy or the client, wait times for item refunds can vary from 2-3 business days to a little over 2 weeks.

I paid for shipping via my own carrier of choice, when will I receive the refund for the price of shipping?

In this case, we prefer to refund via PayPal, so we will ask for an address to refund to in this case. Upon receipt of the proof of payment and shipping (tracking number included of the parcel), we usually can process the refund within 2 business days.

Payments and Refunds

In this section, you'll find information to better clarify how we handle payments and refunds regarding your future orders, or orders already placed.

What payment options does Staiy accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Mastercard, Visa, along with options like PayPal and Apple Pay.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

At the moment, we don’t offer the option to pay in installments.

Can I pay in my country’s currency?

Our store is only available in Euros, so you might incur currency conversion fees if your method of payment is not a Euro-based option.

I’m expecting a refund, how long will I wait?

It depends on the type of refund. If you haven’t received items, like canceling an order, refunds are almost always immediate. As for returns, we refund for items when the return parcel arrives to the brand you ordered from. Please see our returns and exchanges section for more detailed answers to get a better idea.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

At the moment we only accept payments via card or PayPal.

How will I be refunded?

We refund via the original method of payment; if a refund is external, such as a paid return label by the customer, we’d prefer to refund that expense via PayPal.

Is it possible to make a purchase over the phone (especially if the total spent is very high)?

In such a case that the purchase total exceeds €1500, please send us an email before placing your order. For orders of that size, we’d like to take even more attentive care to making sure the fulfillment and receipt of the order goes smoothly.

You’ll be put in contact with a member of our team to assist you in any way possible for the duration of your order's progress, as well as any future needs.


In this section, you can read about the main questions we get about our sustainability. In the coming days, we'll be uploading another sustainability report.

In the meantime, to learn more about our sustainability and ethics standards, you can find information on our website, in addition to following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter.

What kind of brands sell on Staiy?

We partner only with sustainable and ethical brands that are subject to our surveys and interviews. You can browse our selection with the comfort in knowing that each brand has been thoroughly vetted by our team, and you can learn more about them by keeping up with our social media and newsletter. On those channels of information, you can also learn even more about these brands and their exceptionally remarkable initiatives that exceed our already high standards.

What are the pillars of your sustainability survey and analysis of those brands?

We have five main pillars: Air, Water, Materials, Supply Chain, and Working conditions. The air pillar regards emissions from energy consumption and logistics; the water pillar considers water consumption and waste management along the entire supply chain; the materials pillar regards the typologies of materials, their sources, and their characteristics; the supply chain pillar considers relations with suppliers, locations of production, transparency of the supply chain, and certifications; and, the working conditions pillar analyzes human rights. Read more about these pillars here.

Does Staiy personally go to confirm working conditions?

At the moment, we don’t visit our partners directly to vet the conditions and practices. However, we want to make it clear that, in our processes to add partner brands to our platform, we have a wide breadth of information, contacts, and photo evidence of adequate conditions. In many cases, the conditions presented exceed our standards considerably. In fact, those elements are often some of our favorite aspects to cover in our social media and newsletter content!

How long is your sustainability survey?

Our sustainability survey consists of 124 questions, addressing the five pillars of air, water, materials, supply chain, and working conditions.

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