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21 november  '22

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Paper Collective loves art. They discover great artists, make their work affordable, available and share it with the world. From their Copenhagen studio, they proudly collaborate with innovative creators to further their mission of sustainable products and #ARTFORALL.

Words by Lucia Peirone-Torti

Paper Collective is a sustainable brand that makes art prints

Picture by Paper Collective

The love for art

At Paper Collective, they love art. From their Copenhagen studio they proudly collaborate with a handpicked selection of our favorite artists to create art for all. “We live to discover great art, make it affordable, available and share it with the world”, Paper Collective’s founder Morten Kaaber has told STAIY Magazine. Their goal since 2013 has been to bring the best contemporary art prints to people across the world. With varied backgrounds including fashion, architecture and illustration, the growing group of Paper Collective artists constantly renew and refresh the collection of original and iconic art prints.

From fashion to illustration, architecture to art, this growing group of collaborative artists are at the center of everything being done at Paper Collective. It is a playground, a space for creatives from a range of backgrounds to connect, collaborate and create. Together, they create high quality art prints and products that showcase artists’ creativity while connecting them with our global community of art lovers. Consequently, they claim: “We take great pride in growing these relationships -assisting each artist in bringing their creativity to life, whilst valuing the diversity they bring to our collection.”

Sharing a love of original, unique and expressive art with customers and collaborators, the name Paper Collective comes from the need of a community where artists can form a collective of creatives from different disciplines: architects, graphic designers, watercolor artists, photographers, etc.

Paper Collective is a sustainable brand that makes art prints

Picture by Paper Collective

The materials

All their prints are rolled and packed by hand. Each one is rolled in a piece of sustainable silk paper, packed in a 100% recycled cardboard tube and finally packed in a recycled or reused cardboard box. You can reuse the silk paper as gift wrapping next time you are going to treat one of your loved ones, use the tube for storing delicate paper as a pencil holder on your desk, even for your childrens’ train track tunnels and pirate binoculars binoculars of a true pirate. If the packaging is going directly to the waste bin, then please divide it into paper, hard cardboard and plastic!

The projects

Paper Collective operates on the belief that good design can be more than the sum of its aesthetics and functions. In collaboration with great contributing artists, they donate part of all sales to a good cause somewhere in the world.

We aim to recycle and re-use these materials as much as we can, whilst always looking for better environmental practices and seeking out more sustainable solutions to our products and packaging”, they say in regards to the supplies kept in their warehouse.

From the launch of the very first collection, they have focused on philanthropy. . In the Summer of 2020, they completed their largest project to date - an elementary school in Taplejung, Nepal. In collaboration with the Human Practice Foundation, the school is now complete with a library, computer room and facilities for over 400 children in one of the world's most educationally marginalized regions. In 2021 they started focusing even more on reuse and recycling-expressed, through their latest project with the support of the WWF Waste to Value project. This project helps to fight plastic pollution in Kenya, Africa while providing jobs to local women and children, contributing to their economic growth.

Paper Collective is a sustainable brand that makes art prints

Picture by Paper Collective

In Kenya, about 500,000 tons of plastic are produced each year, but only about 15 % is being recycled. The rest of the plastic will either not be collected, burned or dumped in the wild. At the same time, the global demand for high- quality recycled plastics is increasing and partners from Menmark and Kanva have therefore joined forces to take up the challenge.

Together, they fight plastic pollution off the coast of Kenya while increasing the standard of living for the local population. An innovative partnership WWF Denmark, WWF Kenya and players in the recycling of plastics - Plastix, Jill Industries and Mr. Green Africa and PETCO Kenya-have entered into an innovative partnership to fight plastic pollution in coastal areas of Kenya while creating economic growth for local peoples. It starts with the plastic collectors, who are rarely unionized and therefore experience unregulated and poor working conditions. The mission of the project is to create a value chain for plastics, where collectors are trained in sorting plastics to achieve the highest possible quality. At the same time, they get access to the latest technology and buyers who want to buy the plastic from them. The project partners complement each other with different knowledge, networks and skills in the field and as the project grows, the goal is to connect more partners along the value chain.

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