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Staiy x ZAMT Concept Store

Since the end of November, you can find us at our first concept store, a space launched in collaboration with the eco-conscious accessories label ZAMT. The store is located at Tucholskystrasse 48, 10117, Berlin. 

Staiy X ZAMT is a progressive retail concept with a visionary approach towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. As part of the new concept, we want to offer an ever-evolving selection of products, including clothing and cosmetics, books and magazines, and music and art pieces, through its one-of-a-kind shopping experience that transforms the store into a sustainability hub. 

Catering to the growing awareness and shifting consumer behavior, we have created for you an immersive shopping experience devoted to celebrating discovery, community, and convenience. By introducing interactive digital touchpoints throughout the store, you can learn about the sustainability of each product and the impact of each brand’s practices through our sustainability survey.

Due to the latest regulations established by the German Federal Government to fight against the spread of COVID-19, our Staiy x ZAMT concept store will remain closed until February 1, 2021. We will keep you updated on any news in this regard.

During this time, you can check out our store's catalog online and shop directly on We continue shipping across Europe, and you can also pick up your items directly at our location in Berlin thanks to the click & collect system that we have implemented.