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Staiy Atelier

We are Staiy - the sustainable fashion marketplace disrupting the fashion industry. As a leading destination for a sustainable culture, our goal is to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable consumption. 

Since its early steps, Staiy has sought for an innovative and unique way to support culture and creativity. Driven by the fundamental belief that fashion and art should coexist, we created “STAIY ATELIER”. 

Staiy Atelier acts to promote a positive and thoughtful public discussion towards the topic of ecology in the cultural world. 

Staiy Atelier wishes to leave a mark on the art world, creating not only a thriving artistic environment, but also incentivizing a network made of institutions, museums, intellectuals and firms that together will spread the message that sustainability and art can and should dialogue.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage a general shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle inspiring our consumers and partners to merge art, fashion and multi-sectoral experiences. 

We work to scout the most interesting sustainable artists, to write together new and intriguing collaboration forms merging art and fashion. These two different sources of creativity can find stimulus in each other and, most importantly, have a positive impact on society. 

“ART AND SUSTAINABILITY IN DIALOGUE” is our first Virtual Art Exhibition which we chose to hold online in order to create a waste-free, pollution-free and inclusive exhibition. The aim was to share different ideas about sustainability and Staiy has the strong belief that art could be a powerful tool in shaping consciousness and lifestyle, so we came up with this exhibition which gathers amazing artists from all around the globe, all focused to share sustainability in so many different ways and forms.

Our member artists will exhibit their artwork for six months in a sustainable and vibrant experience, curated entirely by Staiy Atelier.Paintings, sculptures and digital media will merge to convey the message that art and sustainability can be mutually beneficial. 

Staiy Atelier is sustainable art. 

Staiy Atelier community is vibrant, inclusive and empowering. 

“Art and Sustainability in dialogue”, is for you to discover. 

If you want to enjoy our unique selection of sustainable artworks, click here.