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DIGITAL START-UPS OFFER CONCRETE SOLUTIONS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY "Staiy is an online marketplace for sustainable fashion, bringing together eco-friendly brands and products. Using artificial intelligence, Staiy is able to offer each user customized recommendations, creating a highly personalized shopping experience.


ONLINE & SUSTAINABILITY ARE TWO DIMENSIONS THAT WILL LAST BEYOND THE PANDEMIC "We believe that sustainable fashion will benefit in the long run, as it delivers value and purpose to the end consumer. This overall transition will also bring back in the spotlights other forms of sustainable fashion such as second hand."

Vogue Germany

SMART SHOPPING: STAIY “At Staiy the four Italian founders based in Berlin have created a digital fashion platform for sustainable brands. That's not new. What is new is that Alessandro Nora, Ludovico Durante, Chiara Latini and Adrian Leue rely on style advice using artificial intelligence.”


SUSTAINABLE FASHION, 10 RULES FOR DRESSING GREEN: BUY ONLINE “Staiy was born between Milan and Berlin. The e-commerce platform was chosen by Matteo Ward among the most efficient: its algorithm personalizes the proposal of garments based on what, in research, is preferred by the user."

Vogue Business Talent

THE TOP THEMES AT MILAN’S FIRST ALL-SUSTAINABLE FASHION TRADE SHOW “In an effort to help people shop in a more conscious way, Berlin-based Staiy, another winner of Fashion Reboot’s startup contest for the services category, has developed an online platform ranking brands based on sustainability factors.”


STAIY. A SMART NEW ONLINE SHOP FOR SUSTAINABLE BRANDS “STAIY only works with brands which are focused on ethical and eco-friendly standards. In order to check whether the brands meet  STAIY’s requirements, each brand must fill out a questionnaire of 62 quantitative and qualitative questions and each is based on two UN Sustainable Development Goals.”


THE NEW SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING PLATFORM EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT. “Many are calling for us to boycott the fashion industry completely, to cancel fashion week and stop buying new items altogether. But STAIY has found a middle ground, offering sustainable alternatives to the clothing we know and love, by changing the way we shop altogether.”


SUSTAINABILITY, RECYCLING, SECOND-HAND: THIS IS HOW POST-PANDEMIC FASHION WILL BE. “Venturing into this relatively new world is the Italian e-commerce start-up, Staiy. This online marketplace is dedicated entirely to sustainable brands and applies a much less aggressive sales and advertising approach than more ‘classic’ sites, allowing customers to browse more freely between the various products on display. The proposal is very varied in terms of style and price, demonstrating that the market is in great expansion.”


THE FOUR ITALIAN ECO-ENTREPRENEURS CHANGING THE FUTURE OF FASHION YOU NEED TO KNOW. “Italian trio Alessandro Nora, Ludovico Durante and Chiara Latini (alongside German-Italian Adrian Leue) came together to create Staiy. They describe themselves as the first online platform to offer customers nothing but the most eco-friendly brands, making it super easy and convenient for fashion lovers to shop without having to worry about their environmental impact.”


IN THIS ONLINE STORE YOU CAN SHOP FROM MORE THAN 90 ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE EUROPEAN BRANDS. “Staiy is the first 100% sustainable online fashion store in which style, sustainability and artificial intelligence come together. Currently, it is the fastest growing sustainable fashion online store in Europe.”

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