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Our partner, One Tree Planted.

This year, Staiy has teamed up with One Tree Planted: the non-profit organization leading global reforestation efforts while collaborating with local communities. In One Tree Planted we found a trusted partner, approaching in a comprehensive way the theme of sustainability. Their primary focus is on global reforestation, and the broader scope is even higher. By collaborating with individuals and businesses, our partner is dedicated to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, support local communities, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world.

Standing with OneTreePlanted, the Staiy community is not only contributing to reforestation efforts around the globe - it is also supporting broader purposes.

We stand with them and support their causes, united for a better tomorrow. 

The projects.

This year, we chose to support four projects from our partner: empowering women in Rwanda, restoring the Amazon rainforest in Peru, protecting endangered wildlife in Indonesia and providing a source for water in Kenya thanks to the local approach of its partner. You can find out more about the amazing projects we support and donate your Impact Points to plant a tree around the globe on your personal profile page.

How does it work?

The Staiy Sustainability Evaluation assigns Impact Points to each of the brands found on the platform. The individual points are calculated under our Five Pillars: Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions and Commitment. When purchasing a product, our users receive the points assigned to the related brand.

Once you have collected enough, you can turn your Impact Points into a donation to a non-profit organization working for a better tomorrow. The points that Staiy provides to its users have therefore a monetary value, that can only be used for good causes.

Staiy is proud to financially support the causes that matter for the welfare of society, giving up part of its profits to extend the positive impact made on our planet.

To discover which incredible projects Staiy is supporting, find out more about OneTreePlanted, and donate your points, please visit your profile footprint page. Spread the good!