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The Staiy platform brings in added value from both sides: community and brands.


We would love to hear from you! Write an e-mail to, including brand name, vision, website, and internal contact when applicable.

Tip: make sure that the suggested brand respects high standards in terms of sustainability, quality, and design. This will result in higher chances of a successful partnership. 


Check our Sustainability Standards: if you fit, that’s a great start. If you also are innovative and dynamic, we are looking for you. Write an e-mail to including your brand's name, vision, certifications, sustainability practices, and website. If you meet our standards, we will contact you.

Tip: The more information you include, the better the assessment we can do of your application in one go. As there is a high number of requests, concise and rich in material emails increase the speed of successful partnerships.

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Selecting the right brands and designers for our customers is more than a duty, it’s a pleasure. It’s with this mindset that we researched over a thousand sustainable brands from all over the globe, to curate the experience of our community. After choosing European brands as first focus, we assessed the sustainability of each under our five pillars: Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions and Commitment. Today, more than 120 are the brands that are proud Staiy partners.

Our hunt for the best sustainable brands is always ongoing: when sustainable and stylish meet, the potential is high. Many are the uprising brands that are coming in with fresh new styles, materials, techniques. We partner with the most promising brands that minimize their footprint when crafting their garments.

Creating a strong alliance of the best sustainable brands is our way to send a strong message to the world: producing and buying better is possible.

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