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About Us

Our missionstaiy. is the sustainable and editorial-driven retail platform where ethics, aesthetics and innovation meet to inspire your conscious lifestyle.
We are a community of like-minded people on a mission to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable culture.We do this by valuing authentic and timeless pieces created ethically, using unique manufacturing, distribution and lifecycle innovations with significant attention to quality and detail.At Staiy, we want to give you the power to choose sustainable: for this reason, we will always strive to enlarge our selection of sustainable products, to share our knowledge and our grounding values, to involve you in our community.Join us, shop consciously and inspire others to increase your impact.Together, we can make sustainability the new normal.
Our storyBerlin is where our story begins...
We are close friends from university. We moved to the city during our last year of Bachelor in september 2018. We were keen on creating something of our own, something that would last and have a positive impact.We were immediately drawn by the city’s vibrant and cutting-edge lifestyle. Most of all, we were fascinated by how businesses and brands would influence people’s behavior and actions to live in a more sustainable and conscious way.Living in Berlin made us realize that sustainability is a highly engaging matter. It challenges people to be creative and ready for a positive change.
As we had experienced it ourselves, we decided to reciprocate this feeling of engagement by asking ourselves:How can we give a voice to all these emerging brands that are keen to change the way they produce for a better tomorrow? How can we introduce them to people so that we can prove that there is a better alternative when it comes to modern consumption?This is how we founded Staiy, a retail platform gathering brands sharing our vision for sustainability to become the new standard. Staiy goes to the core of our consumption habits by offering innovative and durable solutions.With Staiy, we wish to convey the same feeling and atmosphere Berlin shared with us. We want to reciprocate and promote the same involvement and quality transmitted to us.
Notes from the Staiy Team
Adrian Leue, CEO
“At Staiy, we offer our clients the possibility to make alternative, more conscious choices. Our work is highly client-oriented. Through the content we share, we offerpeople alternative solutions and values. In this sense,I believe sustainability to equal our clients’ empowerment to become real actors of change”
Alessandro Nora, CFO
“To me, sustainability is a way to reimagine how we do things.At Staiy, sustainability means incorporating innovative practices and sustainable behaviours in everything we do: from financials to the product, the shipping and the advertising. The goal is one: to make people understand and care what sustainability is about while introducing them to new ways to incorporate these into their daily lifestyle.”
Chiara Latini, CMO
“The fashion world is my passion. I always look for beauty in the world, aesthetics are important to me.In this sense, sustainability is a challenge for me.I want to break away from the basic notion of sustainable fashion as not aesthetically appealing, or with styles. Sustainability opens up a world where beauty is far beyond, it implies products that are more qualitative, meaningful and timeless. With Staiy, I wish to convey this message and bring this beauty out there in the world.’’
Patrick Da Silva, CTO
“A vision without execution is just a person with eyes open.At Staiy, my mission is to empower the team so that we can deliver on our common vision to make sustainable fashion the new standard in the industry. With Staiy, I couldn’t be in a better position to grow an amazing team that has a meaningful purpose. Sustainability also means being able to do this in a reproducible manner in a way that impacts everything involved positively.’’
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