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About us

Staiy is a marketplace, an alliance of brands standing for the same values. 

It's the discovery of sustainable fashion pieces from the latest designers, materials, and concepts. Because our resources matter. 

It's a tailor-made experience on your unique style, thanks to AI technology. Because you matter.

It's reinvesting rewards in environmental, economic and social change. Because we want to stay here, a little more. 

This is us, a little more than your everyday marketplace.


Staiy envisions sustainable fashion as an expression of valuable consumption.

Fashion is a means to express your values, to make a statement, a way of being. 

Staiy stands to renew the importance of this dimension, connecting designers and brands to their clients through the stories that their pieces enable to share. 

A throwback to timeless values, through modern means.

Staiy roots around three concepts which can be found in its name: Style, Sustainability, AI.


The chase of aesthetics is within our nature. 

We gather sustainable brands and designers that are bringing new shapes, materials, and concepts to life. We bring them to you in an intuitive experience, caring about the little details. 

Staiy means discovering inspiring designs, values and forms of expression through style. 

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Sustainability is fundamental and broad. It is a mindset, a core concept that applies to many fields.

We evaluate our brands with high standards under 5 Pillars: Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions and Commitment. Each brand's score is transformed into Impact Points, which are displayed in a transparent and intuitive way. They can be collected through purchases to reinvest in environmental, social and economical restructuring. 

Staiy tells stories of tradition and innovation while respecting the balance of our resources, delivering value through and beyond its pieces. This is our sustainability.
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Each one of us has a unique style. Through our AI technology, we dedicate to our registered users a tailormade experience that respects their preferences. We listen to your tastes, and offer a custom-made visualization that adapts the more you give feedback. Tell us what you like throughout your browsing, and we will find the pieces you can really feel yours!
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We believe in sustainable innovation as the purest form of progress: when technology meets purpose, the benefit is vast. We value the bond between people, and enhance the connection between humans, their resources and our common denominator: Earth. Together with our community and partner brands, we stand on a common ground to shape a better tomorrow.


To accomplish our mission, we work hard day in and day out. The cause is our fuel, bringing us together. We celebrate achievements, and love to plan strategies for the ones to come. We support individuals with a higher vision and the drive to fulfill it. We set ambitious goals and face them with the will to overachieve them. We are friends, thinkers, life lovers. On top, we are colleagues.

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