Portable Tea & Water Infuser Bottle With Handle

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High quality borosilicate glass bottle and stainless steel, with double closure and tea strainer. This glass thermal container with integrated tea strainer combines functionality (the added-on handle) and aesthetics in its design. The double closure allows you to control the strength of the tea by simply removing the tea leaves: to do this, simply remove the strainer and tea leaves from the bottom.Our eco-friendly, fruit infuser/tea infuser water bottles are the best visual reminder to drink more water. The fruit water/ Tea water will add health benefits of fruit infusion/ herbs/ tea leaves. Studies have found that some teas encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, bring about mental alertness, besides having antimicrobial qualities. •Reusable and fully recyclable bottle•Reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass tube•Wide Mouth for adding Fruits/ Herbs/Tea leaves•Stainless steel strainer to create your favourite detox

Material: 100% borosilicate glass with stainless steel lid (inside made of stainless steel, as well) Dimensions: a)Volume 300ml: diameter:7cm, height:19cm, net weight:429g.Volume 400ml: diameter:7cm, height: 24cm net weight:512g.

Dishwasher safe.

Recycling bin, with proper care, can last for a long time.

Country of Origin: family-owned business in China.LAUNCH OFFER FOR THE CUSTOMERS OF STAIY
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