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19 september  '22

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Are you looking for the perfect functional, fashionable, and reliable bag when shopping and running your errands? Don't worry, you don't need to search the internet. We've got you covered. Here are 3 sustainable bags from Walk With Me that will keep your belongings close to you.

Words by Jen McDonald

Are you looking for a practical bag you can take everywhere while running your errands? A bag that's the perfect size and fits everything you need all in one place. A bag that is the ideal fit you couldn't live without? Well, you will be glad to hear we have the perfect bags for you. If you haven't heard about the Spanish accessory brand Walk With Me, then you will be glad you can walk away knowing them now. As the name suggests, they walk through life, and the fashion industry with their heads held high, knowing they are sustainable and not harming the planet.

The brand stays true to its green identity by creating limited runs and using recycled materials. Making a positive impact on the world of retail and eliminating unnecessary waste is precisely what this accessory brand is all about. Walk with Me believes that humans are born to walk, just like birds are born to fly and fish are born to swim.

"Walk with style and avoid fleeting trends, embrace atemporal design and prioritise ethics and quality, walk with objects that will last forever"- Walk With Me.

There is something extra special about this brand, and you can feel the passion behind every single handcrafted bag that's stitched. Every design and detail is well thought off and bang on. Their designs are minimalist, sustainable and even better as they last a lifetime. The Spanish brand creates and develops all of its products from scratch in their studio in Barcelona, and they are available for you to purchase online. They are fashionable yet functional, what more could you want? Their bags are an essential purchase ideal for travelling, school runs, shopping, and running errands. So whether you start your day walking or running out the door wearing one, be rest assured you will look super stylish with a clean conscience.

Fitting every purpose and lifestyle in one bag, can it get any better than this? Yes, it can; they also come in a kaleidoscope of bright colours. You will feel like a kid in a sweet shop when you see their SS22 collection. You can choose from baby pink, bright yellow, petrol blue and many more colours.

Take a look for yourself; scroll down to see 3 of Staiy's favourite bags from Walk With Me you that you can count on for shopping and running errands.

Crossbody Bag SS22:

Do you want a bag that is the go-to statement piece that you can wear day and night forever? If the answer is yes, this versatile bag from Walk With Me should be your next buy. This shoulder bag is a gender-neutral crossbody bag and comes in every colour under the sun. It's practical with an internal pocket to fit your AirPods, phone, wallet, keys and all your errands. It might look slightly small but don't be deceived as it fits more than you think! The straps are long and adjustable, making it incredibly convenient as you can chuck it over your shoulder and be hands-free.

Kangaroo Belt Bag Regular SS22:

Do you want a belt-bag that's small, fashionable and functional? Then look no further than this regular belt bag from Walk With Me. It's minimalistic, stylish and designed for people on the go. It's roomy enough to fit in all your essentials, so don't worry, you won't have to pick from your two favourite lipsticks; you can bring both. Fit for everyday life, this bag is versatile and can be worn as a belt bag or a crossbody bag, so you are getting two bags for the price of one. So whether you opt to buy a vibrant yellow to stand out or a classical black belt bag to go with everything, you won't regret it. 

Messenger Bag SS22:

This stylish messenger bag will become your best friend when commuting to the office or travelling. This bad boy has plenty of room to fit all your errands, including your 13-inch laptop. You can wear it under your arm or as a crossbody, so you won't have to hold onto it while walking and moving around all day. The bag comes in various colours, such as ruby red, bright orange, and pastel blue, to name a few. So regardless of whether you're a minimalist or daring, you can opt for classical colours or be as bold and bright as you want. Regardless of the bag you buy, rest assured you will make a statement.

We're sure you will come as obsessed with these bags as you will have them in various colours. You can purchase more than one if you want and need to feel guilty about this buy as your shopping is sustainable and not harming the planet. What are you waiting for?

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